My Trip to CVS and Rite Aid

O.M.G., it was so hot, this past, weekend.  On Sunday, a friend and I were crying the blues about how hot it was Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Pretty much everything need to be done in the mornings because by the time 11 a.m. hit, it was just unbearable to walk from your car to any store because I’d be sweating like a pig and then once you got into the store, the air conditioner was only half working with the exception of Target, they had their air on full blast so that you leisurely walk through the store in comfort.  There was no cooking, we enjoyed dinner out!

I went to CVS to do the quick and easy Persil Money Maker and then I stopped by Rite Aid. I had not plan to do the Crest/Oral-B deals but my son was just complaining how he really didn’t like Listerine so I decided to pick up the Crest mouth wash since it was FREE and the FREE Snickers.  The manager rang me up and I had no problems with using the paper coupon, the digital coupon and the Bonus Cash.