My Trip to CVS (Colgate toothpaste)

I checked the CVS app to see if the Colgate Optic White was in stock and to my surprise, the toothpaste was restocked at my nearest CVS. I quickly jumped into my car at 7 p.m. and drove around the corner to CVS, went inside and grabbed the toothpaste and Lumify eyedrops.

If you have eye redness from allergies or you are tired or you didn’t sleep well, you should get the Lumify eyedrops, they work almost immediately, within 2 minutes, your eyes will look amazing.

However, the Lumify is pricey and I made my own ย deal for the Lumify almost out of thin air!

My original CVS account has been sitting without being used for most of this year. However, I do go in and activate the digital coupons and I noticed that I had a FREE $2 Extra Bucks on the account. My son uses the account to buy whatever he buys and there was like $0.11 in Extra Bucks, too. Plus, there was a 35% off any Single Item.

I wrote about the FREE + $2 Money Maker Select Colgate Optic White toothpaste so I did submit my receipt to for the $2 for the toothpaste and so my final price for the Lumify is $5.39 from $15.49!!!!!! I’ll take it!!!


  • Nick October 29, 2021, 14:48

    This is just NOT my week for coupons. Bought the two exact toothpaste and, sure enough, the $7.98 did NOT come off. I could have argued or called a manager. But Wifey and I could maje a stepladder to the roof by stacking all the free Colgate weโ€™ve accumulated over the past month or two. So I decided just to let it go.

  • STACIE October 29, 2021, 16:40

    Nick, that has happened to me too. I was told to not clip the other Colgate coupons and that seemed to work for me. Also, was told to not buy the Irish spring in the same transaction cause somehow it’s causing a glitch on the colgate.

    But no worries cause guess what’s on sale starting sunday the 31st? Colgate two for 7.98 and coupon to make it free!! Add to the stepladder. Lol!