A reader, Nick, let us know that he’d found CVS Brand Melatonin for $0.99 and other letter vitamins.

I found the following CVS Brand vitamins and supplements tagged for $0.99 but I only took pictures of the tagged that still had stock available on the shelf, go to your stores to grab this awesome deals on vitamins:

Melatonin 5mg 120 ct $0.99 (Sleep Aid)

Zinc 50 mg 100ct (Immune Health)

Vitamin D3 50 mcg 100 ct (Immune Health)

Vitamin D3 10 mcg (400 IU) 100 ct (Bone Health)

Folic Acid 800 mcg 100 ct (Heart Health/Reproduction)

B12 1000 mcg 60 ct (Circulatory/Nerve Health)

I absolutely texted my family and friends about the deal so they can stock up on their vitamins! 🙂

Thanks, Nick!

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  • Nick December 29, 2021, 12:26

    I encourage people to take vitamins only after they have done their research or talked to a physician. It is a balancing act. You don’t want too much of a vitamin in your system any more than you want a deficiency.

    I do recommend a lower dosage of D during the winter months if you aren’t getting much sunlight which is how our bodies normally receive it. But that doesn’t mean you start taking 2 grams a day because it’s cloudy! Wifey and I take just 400 IU per day which is usually the lowest available dosage. Vitamin C is tricky: your body doesn’t store it. But if you take too much of the most common tablet (ascorbic acid) you can get a really bad stomach ache trying to fight colds. Ideally we get most of the nutrients we need from the foods we consume. And be sure to add up all the sources from nutrition labels – snack bars, for example, can have lots of vitamins added which means you need to supplement less.