My trip to CVS…Lessons Learned

I should have broken my transaction up! I realized as I was gathering my items that I did not have enough coupons to offset the number of items I was buying. I bought 21 items according to my receipt but I only had 5 manufacturer coupons and $27.98 in Extra Bucks. But I was determined to use my CVS $10/$50 coupon! I didn’t fail b/c I got $65.54 of items for $18.56.

Here are my Lessons Learned:

1. Do smaller transactions, it’s easier to manage.

2. Have more coupons & EBs than items.

3. San Diego CVS on 30th St will not let you use a CVS coupon & mfg coupon on the same item. I lost $3 on the Kotex deal b/c the cashier scan the $.75 mfg coupons first & when she scanned the CVS Kotex coupon, the register beeped saying that a coupon had already been used.

4. Speed Stick Pro same issue as #3, I could only use one $1 CVS coupon.

5. Forgot to calculate in the Bottle Deposit.

The only thing I could not find on my list was the 1″ Vinyl Binders $3 get $3 so I had to find fillers – Crest Max Fresh $2.99 get $1 EB and 2 CVS Heat Wraps $1.99.

My calculations would have been right on the money if I would have been able to use all my coupons and figured in the Bottle Deposit.

I spent $18.56 for a value of $65.54 worth of items and I got $24.94 EBs!!!!


  • Maria E. Lopez July 19, 2009, 20:07

    you did very good i think! lol i spend alot of my ECB and didnt get much back 🙁 so i need to go back to make some more ECB lol 🙂 dont you just love cvs???

  • MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins July 20, 2009, 00:16

    I do love CVS, it so easy to get FREEE or almost FREE stuff there.