My Trip to Ralphs (3/10)

On Saturday, I maxed out the Oscar Mayer bacon deal $2.99 up to 5 times with digital coupon, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal $0.99 and with digital coupon but only $0.49 after Savingstar rebate.  The Kroger Tortilla chips and the Lindt/Lindor bar were FREE Friday Downloads freebies.  The Solero fruit bars was also FREE, I saw this freebie like mid-day during an all day mandatory training and I want to say by the time I got home, the freebie was gone.

On Saturday, when I finally got around to uploading my receipt for the cereal to Savingstar is when I realized that there was a $1/2 Nature Valley Layered Granola Nut Bars Savingstar rebate and of course, that is when it started raining cats and dogs.

Anyways, I went backed to Ralphs and used my second card, bought 2 more cereals, Kool-Aid Jammers, Lindor/Lindt bar, Clif bar and the Nature Valley Layered bars.  On this particular card, at the beginning of the month, I must have loaded the $1/2 General Mills cereal digital coupon so this is a lesson for me that at the beginning of each month, I must go into my and load the the corresponding digital coupons to the Savingstar rebates.