My Trip to Ralphs (6/20)

1I wanted to write about my trip to Ralphs (Kroger) because there is a $3/$30 coupon and a $5/$15 Fresh Meat coupon plus there are the Friday Freebies coupons.  The freebies count towards the $3/$30 Ralphs coupon.

Plus, you earn 2x the Fuel Points on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

If you are planning a cookout for the 4th of July, buy your meat at Ralphs and use the $5/$15 Fresh Meat coupon!

Bought T-Bone Steaks $16.81
Bought Kraft BBQ Sauce $1.50
Bought Snapple Straight Up Tea $1.25
Bought Hershey Xtra Large Candy Bar $1.50
Bought Ice Breakers Coolmints $1.25
Bought Gevalia Ice Coffee w/Almond $1.99
Bought 2 Pizzas $9.98

Total = $34.28

-$5/$15 Fresh Meat coupon
-$3/$30 Ralphs coupon
-$1.50 Kraft BBQ Sauce
-$1.25 Snapple
-$1.50 Hershey
-$1.25 Ice Breakers
-1 Gevalia eCpn
-$0.25 Gevalia

Total after coupons used = $19.53

I believe I bought the wrong Ice Breakers but the digital coupon did come off on my receipt!  I found the Hershey Xtra candy bars in the candy/chip aisle.  The candy bar in the upper left corner says “Xtra”.  I got a phone call while I was checking out and forgot to remind the cashier to scan the $1 coupon on the meat. 🙁