My Trip to Ralphs

If you haven’t picked up the Ralphs freebies from August – FREE Coca-Cola Energy Drink & FREE BOLT24 and FREE! Oikos Single Serve Cup, the drinks coupons expire 9/15 and the yogurt expires 9/19.

Everything that you see, I got for $9.87 out of pocket including tax, CRV and a $3 Cash Back.

I earned $6 IB for the Crest, $1 IB Kind Healthy Grain (not shown), $1 IB and $1.50 RCB Late July chips. So, in all I got back $9.50 in rebates!!!  Basically, I was able to get the 3 juices, after rebates, for $0.37 or $0.13 each!!!

I posted the Crest and Kind bar deals, this morning, the Minute Maid juice was my filler items on Mega for $1.49 and  I posted about the FREE Late July Clásico Jalapeño Lime Tortilla Chips, a few days ago.