My Trip to Ralphs & Albertsons on Saturday

I have been super busy at work and that is one of the reasons that you have not seen too many “chatty” posts from me because when I’m pushing everything else in my personal life to the left which means I had bunch of things to do on Saturday.  In fact, last week, I did not cook at all.

However, I did go to Ralphs and Albertsons because they had some deals that I could not pass up!

On Saturday, at Ralphs, I picked just a couple of the Seattle’s Best coffee which was a Saturday only awesome deal at just $0.99 each after rebates.  I should have maxed that deal out.  I could have sworn that I posted about the Foster Farms chicken picnic packs is 50% off and the eggs 18 ct was $0.99…and of course, I grab a Friday Freebie protein bar.

I also stopped by Albertsons on Saturday because mainly they had given me a $4 off $40 coupon!  The Cup of Noodles were FREE after rebates.  I was so hoping to find the Fiber One Bites in the lemon crunch after Jill’s rave about them but they were completely gone so I had to settle on the chocolate  brownie flavor ones…and they are edible but I wouldn’t recommend.  The cereal was just a filler for the promotion.

I did buy additional grocery items to hit the $40 mark.