My Trip to Rite Aid 1/13

1I had a ton of +Up Rewards in which $58 would have been expiring over the next 7 days!  Rolling into a rebate is sort of a no brainer especially when the deals aren’t that great.  I also did a second transaction for Allegra b/c the Zyrtec wasn’t making me too sleepy and lethargic. Sometimes, my instincts will kick in and I had read that some of the Clean Scalp was ringing up on clearance but it was not tagged so I added the Pentel as a filler item…and thank goodness, I did!

Here are my gets at Rite Aid: (I have a 20% discount)

Bought 1 Culturelle $16
Bought 1 Clear Scalp for Men Clear & Refresh $3.49 (on 50% clearance)
Bought 1 TreSemme Split Remedy Conditioner $4.79
Bought 3 L’Oreal $35.97
Bought 1 Pentel Mechnical Pencil $3.99

Total = $64.24

Used -$2 Cultrelle (from inside box)
Used -$3 Clear Scalp (peelie)
Used -$1.75 Tresemme (peelie)
Used -$3/2 L’Oreal Printable
Used -$2 any L’Oreal Product Load2Card
Used -$55 in +Ups

Total after coupons used = $.49 + $.74 tax

Ibotta Earned = $2.25 – $1.50 Tresemme Split Ends and $.75 Clear Scalp Men

MIR Earned = $10 L’Oreal Rebate

+Ups Earned = $30 – $16 Culturelle, $4 Pentel and (2) $5 L’Oreal

Notes: The reason I bought just one of each of the Clear Scalp and Tresemme is b/c what I notice is that every time, I bought an Ibotta product and submit my receipt, it comes up with another offer for the same product!  I was shocked that the $2 L2C came off but it was a nice surprise.

I used the $20 RA50 +Up and it shows on my receipt as a “RETAIL COUPON” and it reduced my taxes down to .74!!!

I have already maxed out the RA50 Anniversary over the weekend but the Zyrtec was making me so tired that I didn’t even post the Rite Aid nor the CVS trips. 🙁