My Trip to Rite Aid…

OMG, it was an absolutely gorgeous day in San Diego.  The weather was perfect. 

I had to take back a pack of Duracell batteries b/c they did not clear my SCR acct.  Two of the batteries did clear but the AA8+2 did not clear and the SCR CS said that it did not qualify.  So, I took it back to do a “return and re-buy” transaction.  Normally, there is no money exchanged in this type of transaction BUT there was a $1 Duracell peelie on the AA8 so the cashier took it off the pack and scanned it.  He gave me a $1 and said that was for my time for having to come back!

So, I was a it lazy but I did a small transaction so that I could use my $5 Zegerid Q before it expired.

Here’s my gets at Rite Aid:

Bought 1 Motrin PM 20ct $3
Bought 1 Zegerid OTC 14ct $9.59

Total = $12.59

Used -$1 Motrin PM (RP 4/18)
Used -$5 Zegerid (Parade Magazine 5/16)
Used -$3 Zegerid June Adperk Video Q

Total after coupons used = $1.52

SCR Earned = $2 (Zegerid)

+Up Earned = $3

Profit = $3.48

Notes:  Not a bad deal, huh?  The reason I buy heartburn meds at the drugstore instead of getting a prescription b/c it’s cheaper than a $10 co-pay for a 30-day supply.  The allergy meds I take are not available OTC so I gotta have prescription for that…LOL