My Trip to Rite Aid…

I was looking through my +Up Rewards CRT and I had an $2 +Up that expires TODAY which means I needed to work that into my senario.  The +Up Rewards I got today expires 7/17/10 which means that it’s good for 23 days…I don’t get the expiration dates on the +Ups.  But it’s all good in the hood.

I bought some extra John Frieda coupons and they arrived today.  I plan to do the John Frieda deal twice so I can get (2) $10 +Up Rewards.  I know I am rambling a bit but I didn’t sleep well last night.  Don’t you just hate when you don’t sleep good and then you feel groggy and tired.

Anyways, here are my gets at Rite Aid:

Bought 4 John Frieda Roots Awakening Shampoo/Conditioners $20

Total = $20

Used -$5/$20
Used -$2 +Up
Used (4) -$3 JF Roots Awakening (SS 6/6)
Used -$1/$10 Wellness Hair Care Printable

Total after coupons used = $0.00

+Up Rewards Earned = $10

Profit = $8

Notes:  This was a super easy transaction…no fuss, no must.  I’m gonna flip that $10 +Up for some Duracell batteries since they are on sale for $10 get $2 +Up CRT.

Not many Roots Awakening at the shelf, I’m sure if I go back to that store tomorrow there won’t be any left on the shelf.  So, better hit Rite Aid early tomorrow morning if you want the Roots Awakening.  I “think” that you can break up the Roots Awakening and still get the $10 +Up Rewards but I ain’t quite sure about that.


  • Maria Lopez June 27, 2010, 03:26

    i order some coupons on ebay for the first time and i totally forgot that my account had my old LA address.. GREAT! so i contacted the seller right away to give correct address but im not sure if she send it to the correct address. im so mad at myself. I did a pinecone research survey so hopefully i can order some more and still find some available!! Grrrr

  • MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins June 27, 2010, 03:57

    Maria, sorry to hear the problem with the wrong addy. I sent you an email. I have done the same darn thing as you. eBay still has my old address as my ship to address and then coupon takes like an extra 3 days to get to by the time the post office re-directs my mail.

    I'm gonna start posting when I buy extra coupons for upcoming deals as soon as I do it.