My Trip to Rite Aid

Maybe, I should have stayed home today b/c again went into negative territory again but this time at Rite Aid.  The manager actually gave me money for the +Ups that was used and I ended up paying nothing!  It was suppose to be a super easy transaction!

Here are my gets at Rite Aid: (I have a 20% discount)

Bought 1 RA True2Go Diabetes Meter $7.99
Bought 2 Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers $7.98
Bought 2 Stayfree $6

Total = $21.97

Used -$1.50 Burt’s Bees Printable
Used (2) -$1 Stayfree (SS 5/6)
Used -$20 +Up Rewards

Total after coupons used = -$1.53 (got back $3.47 from mgr)

+Up Earned = $13 – $5 True2Go, $5 Burt’s and $3 Stayfree

MIR Earned = $7.99 RA True2Go Meter

Notes: The register knew that I given too many +Ups but the cashier manually entered the +Ups as coupons and for whatever reason they could not back it out so the manager just gave $3.47 in cash.

It was another wacky trip…and I forgot to take the pic of the lip shimmers!