My Trip to Rite Aid

My trip to Rite Aid this evening was kinda messy I was testing the L2C eCoupons and my Nature Made did not ring up on BOGO and I didn’t realized that I needed to buy the bonus size Nature Made so I paid more in +Ups then I should have done.

All of the L2C coupons that I loaded did come off.

Here are my gets at Rite Aid: (I have a 20% discount)

Bought 2 Wonderful Pistachios 16oz $9.98
Bought 2 Nature Made Vitamin D 90+10ct $8.78
Bought 1 Cheetos $2.39
Bought 1 Kids Foster Grants $4.79
Bought 2 Secret Deodorant $8
Bought 1 L’Oreal Nail Color $5.99
Bought 1 L’Oreal Nail Color $2.99 (BOGO50%)

Total = $42.92

Use -$1/2 Wonderful Pistachios (SS 3/18)
Used -$2 Nature Made Printable
Used -$3 Nature Made Vitamin D May VV
Used -$1 Foster Grants May VV
Used (2) -$1 Secret (P&G 4/29)
Used (2) -$1 L’Oreal Cosmetics (tearpad)
Used -$1 RA L’Oreal Nail Color Printable
Used -$1 RA L’Oreal Nail Color (Children Network Balloon)
Used –$5 Nature Made L2C
Used –$5 Crest 3D Whitening L2C
Used –$2 L’Oreal L2C
Used –$2 L’Oreal L2C
Used -$15 +Up Rewards

Total after coupons used = .92 cents

+Ups Earned = $12 – (2) $2 Wonderful (2) $1 Wonderful $5 FG and $1 Secret

Notes: All my coupons scanned properly. The vitamins, nail polish, sunglasses were all FREE after coupons or +Ups. The pistachios were $1.98 but I did pay for the Cheetos, if I did get the Cheetos, I would have pretty much came out even. Yep, the $5 Crest L2C is taking off for the Secret making it FREE after the +Up…and it can go towards the P&G rebate.

Oh, the L’Oreal Nail Polish is not tracking for wyb $15 get $5 but is tracking for the monthly Nail Polish promo.

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  • Julie/Adventures May 12, 2012, 10:46

    okay, I have never used Load2Card but I love Secret deo, can you please report if you hear this is not working, want to try it in the morning but nervous it wont work LOL