My Trip to Rite Aid

Okay, I should have tested the water and did a smaller transaction to see how the L2C’s would work knowing that the Rite Aid programmers had been playing with the system again!

I loaded all the Maybelline L2C’s only two came off of my receipt. However, the Nature Made L2C’s did come off as expected.

Grrrrr, I used allot more +Ups then I had anticipated but thank goodness it was not actual money out of pocket for me! 🙂

Here are my gets at Rite Aid: (I have 20% discount)

Bought 1 Maybelline Illegal Lash Mascara $8.49
Bought 1 Maybelline Eyeshadow  Duo $2.14 (BOGO50%)
Bought 8 Wet n Wild Nail Color $5.92 (BOGO50%)
Bought 2 Speed Stick deodorant $4.98
Bought 1 Samy Hair Color $7.99
Bought 1 Nature Made Fish Oil 60ct $11.19
Bought 1 Nature Made Vit B Complex 60ct $7.99
Bought 1 Nature Made Vit A 8000IU 100ct $4.23
Bought 3 Starbucks Refreshers $4.65 (incl CRV)
Bought 4 Altoids $4
Bought 1 L’Oreal Age Perfect $15.99

Total = $77.57

Used (2) -$1 Maybelline (tear pad)
Used (5) -$1 Wet n Wild
Used -$.75 Speedstick Printable
Used -$2.49 BOGO Speedstick (SS 4/29)
Used (2) -$2 Nature Made Printable
Used -$3 Nature Made May VV
Used -$3 Nature Made May VV
Used -$2 L’Oreal (RP 4/29)
Used -$2 Maybelline L2C
Used -$2 Maybelline L2C
Used -$2 Maybelline L2C
Used -$3 Nature Made L2C
Used -$5 Nature Made L2C
Used -$10 Nature Made L2C
Used -$31 in +Ups

Total after coupons used = $.33

+Ups Earned = $23 – $5 L’Oreal, $6 Samy, $5 NM, (2) $1 Deo, $3 Maybelline

Notes: Because I loaded so many of the Maybelline L2Cs, I will now be buying allot of Maybelline eyeshadows to get them off my card before they expire! The cashier would not let me use more than 5 of the Wet n Wild coupons and that was fine.

I lost like $4 in +Up doing this transaction but I am not counting the Altoids b/c I wanted those and I think they count towards the Diabetes promo.


  • Noelle May 21, 2012, 08:57

    When I go to my Rite Aid account, I don’t see any of those L2C coupons. Do certain people get them? Did the expire before today? I never see any of the coupons you’re talking about in your deals.

    • admin May 21, 2012, 16:50

      I kinda check every day for the L2C on my account under Digital Coupons, I click them whether I think I’ll use them or not. For example, I checked today and there were two coupons for me to click. The L2C’s that I mention in my posts are from the QR codes in the store. You scan the QR codes with your Smart Phone.

      I Heart Rite Aid has a list of the L2Cs from the QR codes.