My Trip to Rite Aid

I wanted to get my final $5 Nature Made +Up and the Mini Drops.  Nothing exciting happened on this trip for me, although, I did buy another Wet n Wild nail polish to see if I could trigger the $3 +Up but it was a no go for me.

Here are my gets at Rite Aid: (I have a 20% discount)

Bought 2 Altoids Sugar Free Minis 50ct $2
Bought 1 Wet n Wild Nail Color $.79
Bought 1 Samy Foam Hair Color $7.99
Bought 1 Mini Drops Eye Drops $4.99
Bought 1 Nature Made Vit D 90ct $10.39
Bought 1 Nature Made Vit C 500mg 100ct $5.59

Total = $31.75

Used -$1 Wet n Wild (RP 5/13)
Used -$1 Mini Drops Printable
Used -$2 RA Nature Made Vit B or D Printable
Used -$3 Nature Made Vit D May VV
Used (2) -$2 Nature Made Printable
Used -$10 Nature Made L2C
Used -$5 Nature Made L2C
Used -$5 in +Up Rewards

Total after coupons used = .75 cents

SCR Earned = $4 Mini Drops

+Ups Earned = $11 – $5 Nature Made and $6 Samy

Notes: The $1 Altoids Sugar Free Minis 50ct count towards the Diabetes promo. Although, the Nature Made is FREE with the L2Cs, I was using the overage from the NM paper coupons towards the Mini Drops and the Samy Hair Color.

I forgot to do the Clorox…I’ll get this later in the week.


  • Elena May 20, 2012, 22:18

    Did the manuf. coupons for Nat Made beep indicating that there is no room for them after applying l2c coupons? I have a few cashiers that try to understand what L2C coupon was for and won’t take additional coupons, especially when coupon beeps .

    BTW, These l2c coupons are attached to items and in case of a return, L2C value will be deducted.

    • admin May 21, 2012, 04:52

      Elena, the manufacturer coupons do not beep. Honestly, your cashiers are just making things up. I’ve not had any issues with my stores accepting all of my coupons…with overage…yet. I go to multiple stores. Yes, the L2C do attach itself to a product and if you want to return it you’ll only get back what you paid less the L2C. If you have another Rite Aid store that you can go to I would try another store b/c I think your cashiers that won’t accept your coupons…is wanting you to pay more out of pocket then you should!