My Trip to Rite Aid…

BTW, only the Blink Preservative (see pic) qualifies for the SCR.

I went up North for the cookout and it was really nice and I had a great time!  BUT before going to the cookout, I did a search of the Rite Aids in the area and I got the directions.  Of course, I grabbed my coupons and headed out the door.

HOWEVER, I forgot the driving directions to Rite Aid so I was gonna have to get there from what I could remember.  I ate, drank and was merry but I didn’t want to be caught up in traffic of the San Diego Fair.  Well, I guess I have a pretty good memory b/c I was able to find the store.

Thankfully, this store which I had never been to before in my life…had the same basic set up as the other Rite Aids that I have to before so I was able to find what I wanted.

Here are my gets at Rite Aid:

Bought 1 Oral-B Advantage 1-2-3 1ct $2.49
Bought 1 Sinus Buster 20ml $9.99
Bought 1 Legatrin 50ct $6.99
Bought 1 Blink Preservative $7.99

Total = $27.46

Used -$2 Oral-B (P&G 7/4)
Used -$2 Blink (peelie on box)
Used -$10 +Up
Used -$12 +Up

Total after coupons and +Up used = $1.46

SCRs Earned = $20 ($5 Blink, $6 Legatrin, $9 Sinus Buster)

+Ups Earned = $4 ($2 Blink, $2 Oral-B)

Profit = .54 cents

Notes:  Whew…I got rid of those high dollar value +Up Rewards and swap them cold, hard cash of the SCRs.  The $2 Q on the Oral-B did not beep.  Also, I could of used the $1/$10 Cold, Cough or Allergy Q…but I forgot to grab it on my way out of door.  The cashier gave me no problems, she just scan away and chit-chatted about the fireworks. 

I kinda LOL to myself b/c I had no clue what “legatin PM” was until I found it.  I thought it was some type of vitamins or supplements or herbs or something like that.  But nope…it some kind of sleep aid for when you have leg cramps.  Who would have thunk it?  LOL

I love couponing…