My Trip to Rite Aid…

This afternoon, I struggled trying to figure out a senario for today b/c I had pretty much did all the SCR items that I was going to do.  But I wanted to do that Comtrex deal since it would ring up with my 20% discount.  Most of the times, it doesn’t take me that long to come up with a senario…it just kinda pops into my head as I’m reading.

Here are my gets at Rite Aid:

Bought 1 Gillette ProGlide Manual Razor $8.79 (regular retail $10.99)
Bought 1 Oral-B Advanced TB 1ct $2.49
Bought 1 Comtrex 30ct Bonus $4.79
Bought 1 Diet Coke 20oz $1.32 (including CRV)
Bought 1 Herbal Essence $2.99

Total = $20.38

Used -$5/$20
Used -$2 Gillette ProGlide (P&G 7/4)
Used -$2 Oral-B (P&G 7/4)
Used -$.50 Herbal Essence (P&G 7/4)
Used -$2 Herbal Essence RA P&G Booklet (no longer available)

Total after coupons used = $8.88

SCRs Earned = $5 (Comtrex)

+Up Rewards Earned = $8 ($1 HE, $2 Oral-B, $5 ProGlide)

Profit = $4.12

Notes:  Just before I was getting ready to leave for Rite Aid, I got distracted by the sounds of a fire truck and ambalance that had pulled up next door.  I was peeking out of my window trying to see what was going on and the next thing…I’m rolling out without my +Up Rewards.  So, my out of pocket was rather high since I didn’t use my +Up Rewards to soften my OOP.  Although, not a bad trip.

Yep, I found out if you have the 10% or 20% discount and buy the Proglide Manual Razor it rings up at $8.79…same thing with the Comtrex, it rings up at $4.79.

Accccck, I ran out of the $4 ProGlide coupons so I had to use the $2 Q.  I was gonna order the $4 ones but it totally slipped my mind!