My Trip to Rite Aid

1I had errands to run but I had watched the video about the Pretty Woman Money Maker so I knew that I would be stopping by Rite Aid. When I finally got to Rite Aid, I walked straight to nail aisle and I found the Pretty Woman on clearance but I found none of the $5.99 artificial nails just the $7.99 ones, I scooped those up and luckily, I found three of them and that was all that was left!

Here are my gets at Rite Aid: (I have a 20% discount)

Bought 3 Pretty Woman Artificial Nails $5.97
Bought 2 Centrum Under 50 100ct $11.98
Bought 1 Downey Wrinkle Release $1.49

Total = $19.44

Used (2) -$3 Centrum Printable
Used (2) -$2 RA Centrum Printable
Used -$9 in +Ups

Total after coupons used = $.44

SCRs Earned = $6 Pretty Woman SCR #32

+Up Earned = $1 Downy +Up

Notes: I saw the Centrum tagged for $3 off making it $5.99. I used the Downy as a filler so I could use another +Up. I am working the Centrum Money Maker and I will finish it off on Sunday.