My Trip to Rite Aid

1I have a ton of +Up Rewards so I needed to roll some of my rewards.  I finished off the J & J and the Nivea!  I received a $1 Crest, $2 John Frieda and a $2 any Nature Made catalinas.

Here are my gets at Rite Aid: (I have a 20% discount)

Transaction #1

Bought 1 Listerine $3.99
Bought 1 Neosporin $6.59
Bought 1 Bengay Zero $8.39
Bought 1 Bengay $3.59
Bought 4 Visine Original $19.96
Bought 1 RA Water 24pk $4.20 (incl CRV)
Bought 2 Glad trash bags $9.98
Bought 8 Nivea Lip $19.12

Total = $75.82

Used -$2 Listerine Printable (NLA)
Used -$2 Neosporin SS 1/6
Used -$2 Bengay SS 1/6
Used -$5 Bengay Zero Printable (NLA)
Used (2) -$4.79 BOGO Visine SS 1/6
Used (4) -$3/2 Nivea Lip RP 1/6
Used -$32 in +Up Rewards

Total after coupons used = $11.24

Ibotta Earned = $2 – $1 Neosporin and $1 Bengay Zero (already received the funds)

MIR Earned = $5 Johnson & Johnson

+Ups Earned = $28 – $10 J & J, $10 RA50, and (2) $8 Nivea

Notes: Although, I had this trip planned out, I didn’t realize that I would end up getting the water and the trash bags for FREE after +Ups, Ibotta and the MIR!

Transaction #2

Bought 1 Neosporin Essentials Kit $11.19

Used Gift Card to pay (from the items that I had returned from earlier this week)

MIR Earned = $11.19

Notes: Remember that I used my +Ups to pay for the items that I had returned and the return was put on a gift card so it worked out perfectly that those items did not ring up properly! 🙂  I didn’t realize that the Neosporin essentials kit was part of the J&J deal and when I looked over my receipt, I am like $7.09 from another $10+Up so I’ll be running back to Rite Aid to get that second $10 +Up!!!