My Trip Back to Rite Aid 1/13

1I really just wanted the ice cream but since Ibotta was paying me every time I submitted a receipt for the Tresemme and the Clear Scalp and giving me another offer for the same products, I might as well go for it!  The Hagen Daas Ice Cream is not in the San Diego Rite Aid ad but it is tagged in my store, I had saw the tags in an earlier trip.

Here are my gets at Rite Aid: (I have 20% discount)

Bought 1 Clear Scalp for Men 2 in 1 Shampoo $5.59
Bought 1 Tresemee Split End Leave In Conditioner $4.79
Bought 2 Hagen Daaz Ice Cream $7

Total = $17.38

Used -$3 Clear Scalp (peelie)
Used -$1.75 Tresemme (peelie)
Used -$3.50 BOGO Hagen Daaz Printable (NLA)
Used -$8 in +Up Rewards

Total after coupons used = $1.13

Ibotta Earned = $2.25 – $.75 Clear and $1.50 Tresemme (already paid)

+Ups Earned = $9 – $2 Hagen Daas and $7 Hair Care

Notes: Why, oh why, did I print just one of the Hagen Daas BOGO coupons? I didn’t have any lower denominational +Ups available to spend and I didn’t feel like doing another huge transaction so I made due with the lowest denomination available for me to spend. Man, do I hat waiting until the next day to spend my +Ups the way I want to spend them!