My Trip to Rite Aid

IMG-20130126-01031Wow, I am a little behind the curve ball today.  I went to Rite Aid this morning, I came home and I literally took a SIX HOUR nap.  I guess my body needed the rest from being sick.

Anyways, here are my gets at Rite Aid: (I have a 20% discount)

Bought 2 Nature Made Multi for Women+50 90ct $18.38
Bought 1 Nature Made Vit D 400IU 90+10ct $4.39
Bought 6 Stride ID Gum $6
Bought 2 Sure Deodorant $3.29 (on BOGO)
Bought 4 Early Edition Sunday newspapers $3.68

Total = $35.74

Used (2) -$7 any Nature Made (from Nature Made Rewards)
Used -$3 any Nature Made (from Nature Made Rewards)
Used (2) -$1 Stride ID Gum Printable (NLA)
Used -$16 in +Ups

Total after coupons used = $.74

+Ups Earned = $18 – $10 Nature Made, (2) $2 Stride and (2) $2 Sure

Notes: This was a super simple transaction but it literally wore me out and I went to bed soon after I got home. I simply did this transaction to roll my +Ups Rewards.