My Trip to Rite Aid…

Good grief, I lost one of my receipts again…before entering it into my other SCR acct.  I guess all that straightening out and organizing caused me to misplace my receipt!  I also threw out allot of old receipts but I could swear those were all from 4 months ago.

Of course, it was the receipt for the Skin Care SCR that I was working on.

But it’s all good b/c besides my mom and my SIL (and me, of course), I have friends that I give little goodie bags to for birthday gifts or whatever.  My friend, Miss Lydia, is taking care of her grandson and she doesn’t make much money on her job but she is a wonderful, kind soul.  I try to ensure that I keep in mind that she loves skincare products.  So, this will be a little gift for Miss Lydia along with some other items.

Here is my gets at Rite Aid:

Bought 1 Diet Coke 20oz $1.32 (incl CRV)
Bought 1 Garnier Ultra Lift Eye Treatment $13.59

Total = $14.91

Used -$1 Garnier (SS 7/11)
Used -$5 Garnier In-Ad Coupon
Used -$9 in +Up Rewards

Total = .91 cents

Qualified for $25 Skin Care SCR finally

Notes:  Obviously, I could have bought another $5.09 worth of items to use the $5/$20 but I just wanted to get in and out.  I came home and entered that receipt right away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!