My Trip to Rite Aid…

I’m glad that I hit Rite Aid late this morning b/c there were only THREE Profoot inserts on the shelf!  I also did a price check on the Drano since I have a FREE Drano coupon.  It’s one of the strange things that survived the fire at my old apartment.  The coupon is scorched around the top edges but not where the bar code is located.

There were plenty of the Crest Rinse but I didn’t realize it was for the big, humongous size!

Here are my gets at Rite Aid:

Bought 3 Profoot Inserts $15
Bought 2 Crest Pro-Health Rinse 1 liter $10

Total = $25

Used -$5/$25 (exp 7/31)
Used (3) -$1 Profoot peelies (found @ Walgreens)
Used (2) -$2 Crest Rinse (P&G 6/6 exp 7/31)
Used -$8 in +Up Rewards

Total after coupons and +Up Rewards = $5 (paid w/RA gift card)

SCRs Earned = $10 Profoot and $10 Oral Care SCR

+Up Rewards Earned = $2 Profoot

Profit = $9

$10 towards Crest SCR wyb $20

Notes:  I’m glad that I hung onto the RA gift cards, perfect for doing these type of high dollar items.  No beeps on the $5/$25 nor the $2 Crest Rinse Qs.  Also, my +Up Rewards scanned beautifully without beeps.  There’s also a $5/$25 that expires 8/31 HERE.  It was great finishing off the Oral Care SCR before August even begins…LOL

Also, I should used a $1/$10 Pain Relief Q since the Q says “internal or external pain relief…but I forgot it.

Not a bad trip at all considering that I walked out of Rite Aid paying nothing OOP.  I’ll hit RA again tomorrow to finish up the Crest SCR.