My Trip to Rite Aid – Day #2 不

Yesterday, I posted my Wednesday evening Rite Aid trip and I was super lucky to find the $0.50 clearance coupons on the $0.88 Baby Ruth candy bars and I had the presence of mind to max out the Swagbuck and the Mypoints offers which made my trip $6.46 Money Maker!

However, at Rite Aid, I used my phone number and my number doesn’t have the Baby Ruth offer for the Rite Aid Rewards Bonus Cash Challenge but that’s alright because remember that the trip was a Money Maker.

We wake up on Thursday and there’s a $0.38 Baby Ruth limit 5, CO51 offer and before I went to sleep I had thought to myself “wouldn’t it be nice if there’s a Baby Ruth C051 offer”.

I have two MyPoints accounts and a Inbox Dollars accounts which all is a subsidiary of the same company which means you need a different email address for C051, Swagbucks, Mypoints, Inbox Dollars and Tada rebate apps.

I paid $7.04 and got back $4 from MP and $4 ID and $1.90 CO51 and earned 700 points which I haven’t a clue how the new Rite Aid point system works!不