My Trip to Rite Aid for Senior Day

I went to Rite Aid a little after 1 p.m. to use the Senior Day coupons but I did not see them out of the tables and it was kind of busy in there because that particular store and the store in Hillcrest are busy stores, near freeways.

Anyways, I bought the Centrum and the Biscoff cookies and the digital coupons worked just fine.  However, I did forget that I no longer have a 20% discount so I ended up paying $1.39 for those cookie after the $2 Senior Day coupon but I’d not tasted the cookies before and I wanted to try them.


  • Jessica January 2, 2019, 18:36

    Did you know that Rite Aid resets all points to 0 at the end of the year? I have just logged into my account and I was shocked to know that! I always thought points have 2 months for using! I’m so frustrated and just don’t know what to do… 🙁

    • Jennifer January 2, 2019, 19:15

      Points are reset at the beginning of the year but that only effects your gold/silver status for the next year. If you made gold by the end of 2018 you will have gold all of 2019 regardless of how many points you have.

      Whatever Bonus Cash you had, you should still have unless it was set to expire. So, if you had BC, you should most likely still have time to use it.

      • SL January 3, 2019, 12:39

        If you click shop and go to online deal, you will see your available BC on the right side.

        • Jessica January 3, 2019, 14:56

          Thank you all for your support! I found that information on my account. My BonusCash is still there! 🙂

    • Ms. B. January 2, 2019, 21:02

      Call Rite Aid’s customer service in the morning because my points are still in my account.

  • Trish January 2, 2019, 20:15

    When I logged into my Rite Aid account today I didn’t see my Bonus Cash balance anywhere! So I’m in the store later on, and once I swipe my Wellness card it says I have $31.02 Bonus Cash “expiring soon”. I asked the cashier does “expiring soon” mean today? He didn’t know. I asked the cashier what portion of that $31.02 was “expiring soon”. He didn’t know. Argh!!! I used over $7.00 on 75% off Christmas candy (yum!) and the message went away. I’ll have to call them tomorrow and try to get the details on when exactly the rest of it is expiring! If Rite Aid is making such a big deal about Bonus Cash, why can’t they update their website so that we can see what we have and when it’s expiring??

    • Ms. B. January 2, 2019, 21:00

      I like how when you log into your Walgreens account, they let you know that you have points that will expire on XX date.