My trip to Rite Aid…last night…

Okay, so after getting home and posting about my Vons trip last night, I realized that I needed to go back out and go to Rite Aid b/c it was the last night that the Aveeno would be 20% off.  In Southern Calif, the Rite Aid sales run Friday thru Thursdays.  I don’t know about Northern Cal, I don’t even remember seeing a Rite Aid in Sacramento which is where I grew up.

Anyways, I jumped back into my car and raced back down the road towards Rite Aid.

Now, you all know that I am bone tired from working a boatload of overtime this week…but there I was driving to Rite Aid at 7:30 last night.  What the heck, was I thinking.  And I still have not made it to CVS this week so that I can get that mascara (if there are any left on the shelves and that darn diabetes monitor).

Anyways, I was hoping to buy the single roll Scott bathroom tissues BOGO for $1.29 and use the $2 Adperk Scott coupon so that I could use the overage for the Aveeno…but they were sold out!

Anyways, here are my get at Rite Aid last night:

Bought 2 Aveeno Shampoo & Conditioner $11.98
Used (2) $2 Aveeno Adperk Coupons

Total after coupons used = $7.98

SCR Earned = $5 SCR

Notes:  I had bought 1 Aveeno on Sunday plus I bought the 2 Aveeno last night which qualified me for the $5 SCR.