My trip to Rite Aid…last night…

Okay, so I was absolutely bent on getting that Proantinox stuff and using my Rite Aid Adperk q’s and plus I had a $5/$20 Rite Aid q from the Adperk, too!

Geez, I had no clue that Nexxus products were soooo expensive.

Anyways, here are gets at Rite Aid last night:

Bought 1 Nexxus Shampoo $10.99
Bought 1 Nexxus Conditioner $16.99
Bought 1 Proantinox $6.99
Bought 1 Aquafresh Iso $3.49

Total = $38.46

Used -$3 Nexxus RA Adperk Q
Used -$3 Nexxus RA Adperk Q
Used -$3 Proantinox RA Adperk Q
Used -$1 Aquafresh RA Oral Care Coupon Book Q
Used -$5/$20 RA Adperk Q

Total after coupons used = $23.46

SCRs Earned = $18.49 (Proantinox 6.99, Nexus 10, Aquafresh 1.50)

Cost = $4.97

The cashier was amazed that all the q’s were scanning right through for me. My original total was $41.XX but when I gave her the q’s my total kept going down. She was happy for me!

The $38.26 should count towards the $20 Gift of Savings certificate.

Here’s a $5/$20 printable Rite Aid q I found on Slick Deals for you to use.