My Trip to Rite Aid (Thanksgiving Day)

On Thanksgiving Day, I went to Rite Aid specifically for the (2) Magnavox earbuds $6  and the (2) Coty fragrances $13.99 plus I bought a (2)Live Clean hand soap for $2 and the (3) for $0.99 caramels and without realizing it, I’d brought my total up to $40+. I’d actually forgotten about the Spend $40 get $10 Black Friday Coupon because I was busy talking to my middle brother.

I had no bonus cash on my card but imagine my surprise when the cashier was like “You have a $10 Rewards on your card.” So, I have no clue how I got the mysterious $10 Rewards but I had read that the spend $40 get $10 Black Friday coupon wasn’t working so cashier were instructed to manually take off $10 off the customer receipt.

However, I also received $10 Bonus Cash for the spend $40 get $10 Black Friday coupon.  Plus, I submitted (2) $2 Ibotta and (2) $2 Checkout 51 rebates for my fragrance purchase and I received $27.98 towards the $5/$29 any Coty Fragrance Savingstar rebate offer!

Now, we are off to dinner and the movies! 🙂