My Trip to Rite Aid & Walgreens (3/2)

On Saturday morning, I knew that my first stop would need to be Rite Aid for the BelVita Breakfast Biscuits and the nutritional numbers on the biscuits are actually not bad plus I was able to find a box of them but only 8 comes in a box so I grab an additional 2 to make it an even ten which means that I made out the CO51 rebate.

It took almost 20 hours for my CO51 rebate to be approved.  The Oreos were also on sale for 2/$1 but by the time that I scanned my receipt inside my car, there were zero quantities of the CO51 rebate available on the Oreos but I was still super excited for the BelVita still available.

Denise confirmed that the Oreo cookie purchase did work for S*!

I had gone to Walgreens earlier in the week for the Lindsay Olives but forgot to pick up the targeted offer for the FREE Gevalia coffee.  I was hoping to find decaf Gevalia but they didn’t have it on the shelf.  I’m hoping that my next visit with the doctor, later this month, that my blood pressure will show an improvement and I can have my cup of coffee a day.

Research has shown that drinking caffeine can spike your blood pressure significantly but then your blood pressures goes back down quickly and that’s why doctors don’t want you drinking coffee or soda when you with high blood pressure.