My Trip to Sacramento

OMG, I have more than 350 emails that I accumulated while I was on vacation but I think that most are Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads.

Although, I have lived in many places, I will always consider Sacramento, California to be my home because it’s the place where I went to junior high, high school and went through my 20’s.  My son was born in Sacramento and went to elementary school there but he feels at home in San Diego.  The picture that you see above is downtown Sacramento about 2 blocks away from the State Capitol.  Yesterday, we was walking to the Iron Horse to eat breakfast and the scenery with those golden leaves was so beautiful, I had to take a picture for my readers.  It was a cold and rainy morning but beautiful to me because it’s my memory of Sacramento during the fall and winter months.

Sacramento’s vibe is totally different than San Diego because it’s in Northern California.  I think in Northern California, we socialize more with friends and family.  A family friend got off from work at 9 p.m., she came by about 9:30 p.m. and we all ended up driving in the rain downtown to South’s soul food restaurant.

Last Wednesday, there was not a drop of rain in the air and so I went into the Walmart and I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that the laundry detergent wasn’t in a cage.  Interestingly, Walmart overbuilt in Sacramento and they wouldn’t adjust their pricing to be competitive in the area.  When Winco Foods came to town, they literally undercut Walmart on their pricing and drove them out of business in many areas of Sacramento.  You will drive in certain areas and you will see a silhouette of a Walmart building but it’s closed down.

As soon as I got to Sacramento last Tuesday, I went into the Ibotta app, under settings and I changed my zip code to a Sacramento zip code and it took about two hours before the app caught up with me that I was no longer in San Diego and I could see the local grocery stores.  For some odd reason, Ibotta wouldn’t let me access my account my very last day in Sacramento but I swear as soon as I opened the Ibotta app in San Diego, all was well.

However, I had problems with CVS and Rite Aid because for whatever reason, they really truly like accepted that I was in Northern California.  For example, on Black Friday, I couldn’t tell which CVS store had stock of certain items because CVS was showing me San Diego stores…uuggghhhhh…which meant I had to drive to CVS to find out that they didn’t have what I wanted.

Vons, Safeway and Albertsons automatically knew that I was in Sacramento and showed me the closest stores.  They even let me keep the option of using the Oakland zip code that I used for but I already know that whether I use the Oakland zip or Sacramento zip, the sales ad is the same.

Another interesting that I found out is that I still had 1 Rewards Points in my Vons account which you know is worth $1.  What I did is I waited until I got to Sacramento, I went into my Safeway account and I activated the rewards for $1 off and it worked.  So, I got the Sara Lee pie for $0.99, the fresh brussel sprouts for $1.99 ((2) $1 Fresh Produce came off on my receipt) and the meat, the $3 off coupon came. I got like everything for $11.   My family was like amazed..LOL

Lastly, one of my favorite places that I go to on my first day back home is Jimboy’s Tacos!!!  I absolutely love their tacos and I eat nothing else there.  Jimboy’s Tacos is not authentic Mexican food but it’s the Mexican food I grew up eating in Sacramento. I thought that Jimboy’s was in the Bay Area, too,  but they no longer Jimboy location in the Bay.  However, there are four Jimboy franchised in the Los Angeles area – Irvine, Huntington Beach, Anaheim,  and Brea.

I am going to really miss the Safeway, I really enjoyed shopped at Safeway where they had all they good open space parking and the grocery stores are huge.  OMG, the Vons on 30th Street the aisles are so small.