My Trip to Target

I went to Target first thing this morning because I had seen on Instagram that the Nivea Shea Daily Moisture Body Lotion – 2.5 fl oz was being credited for $2 each for both for CO51 and SB (limit 5 per app)!!!  Plus, CO51 is offering a bonus $0.50 for redeeming 2 Nivea lotions!!!

I waited until I got approval from CO51 to post, I got approval from SB almost instantly. MyPoints has the Nivea offer but it’s only a limit of 1 for me but check your app.

I found them in the Travel aisle but check Brick Seek for the nearest Target that carries the Nivea Shea Daily Moisture Body Lotion 2.5 oz.

Buy 5 Nivea Shea Daily Moisture Body Lotion 2.5 oz $9.95

Submit for (5) $2 CO51
Submit for (5) $2 SB
Earn $0.50 CO51 Bonus

Final Price: FREE + $10.55 Money Maker!!!


  • jessica July 30, 2020, 20:47

    How did you get Ch51 bonus? Did you buy 5 Nivea items not at once but in 2 different transactions?

    • Ms. B. July 31, 2020, 07:51

      I was lucky enough to find the last 5 Nivea at one store and I bought 5 in one transaction and I got the $0.50 bonus.

      • jessica July 31, 2020, 16:37

        Looks like you really was lucky to get approved for those. I’ve resubmitted my receipts ещ Ch51 several times already and they reject them every time 🙁

        • Ms. B. August 1, 2020, 11:17

          Jessica, I didn’t post until CO51 had approved my receipt. So, odd.

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