My Trip to Target, Ralphs & Walmart

I wanted to give you some ideas as to what I am buying (12 items) for the latest Ibotta bonus which also is a double dip with the $5 Freestyle Ibotta Bonus.

Use whatever gift cards or store rewards to lower your actual out of pocket. I use my Ralph’s Cash Back to pay for deals all the time. I am so glad that I skipped the $1/12 Ibotta bonus because it’s not an incentive for me to get into my car especially with the stock market acting crazy and the Coronavirus doom and gloom. I need to stock up on my packaged foods with this Coronavirus mess.


$1.01 Money Maker Banza Chickpea Rice 8 Oz

Peet’s Iced Coffee get back $1 Ibotta


FREE Playtex Sport Tampons


Poise pads $4.47 -$2 Poise, SS 01/26 get back $2 Ibotta & 1,500 ($1.50) Fetch points

Scotch Brite sponges 3 ct $2.82 get back $0.15 Ibotta

Good Culture Simply Cottage Cheese Only $0.12

FREE Truvia Sweetener 40 ct

*Knorr Ready to Heat Cheddar Broccoli Rice $1.50 get back  $0.50 Ibotta

*Knorr Ready to Heat Chicken Fried Rice $1.50 get back $0.50 Ibotta

*Knorr Ready to Heat Chicken & Herbs Long Grain Rice $1.50 get back $0.50 Ibotta

*Knorr Ready to Heat Olive Oil & Garlic Brown Rice $1.50 get back $0.50 Ibotta

*Knorr Ready to Heat Spanish Style Rice $1.50 get back $0.50 Ibotta

*I had a $1 off 4 Knorr Ready to Heat printable coupon and you can sign up HERE for their newsletter.  The amazing thing about the Unilever coupon is that you can print as needed.



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