My Trip to Vons 3/3

1I had only went to Vons on Sunday to pick up the cheap food.  The messed the Dole Squish Ems b/c I was only suppose to buy one of them but they were on sale for 2/$4 so I grabbed 2.  I have already tried the Dole Squish Ems and they taste pretty and they are if you are meetings all day long and you just throw a couple in your purse and out the door you go.  I also think they are great if you are trying to get little ones to eat more fruit.

Here are my gets at Vons:

Bought 5 Tostino’s Pizza $7.50
RegPrice 7.50
Card Savings 1.25 –
J4U Store eCpn 1.25 –
J4U Mfr eCpn 4.00 –

Final Price: $1 or $.20 ea

Bought 2 Dole Fruit Squish Ems $6.58
RegPrice $6.58
Card Savings $2.58 –
J4U Store eCpn $.50 –
J4U Mfr eCpn $.75 –

Final Price: $2.75 or $1.38 ea

Got Back $1 Catalina for Dole

Final, Final Price: $2.75 for 7 items or $.39 each

Notes:  I know Vons has some crazy looking receipts! 🙂



  • JHollyhock March 4, 2013, 23:15

    Did you notice if the Mott’s Medleys were on the Buy 4 save $4 promo? I read somewhere that they were not but haven’t been in yet to see.

    • admin March 5, 2013, 05:40

      I do not remember seeing it at the B4S4 price.

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