My Trip to Vons

IMG-20130210-01050Yesterday, it was cold in San Diego, we didn’t have any rain but it was overcast all day long in my North Park neighborhood.  My electric bill last month was crazy high but I ran my heater almost every day last month which this is a rare cold winter for San Diego.

Anyways, I had already did my grocery shopping when the $2.50 Alexa Product coupon came out.  But as always I forget something that I need so it gave me an excuse to stop by Vons and get the Alexa Potatoes for absolutely FREE!

I clipped the $2.49 Alexa Potatoes in my JUST4U account and headed to Vons.  I bought what I needed and through in the potatoes and headed to the register.  Coupons at my Vons never ever scan so the cashier manually entered the (2) $2.50 coupons.

I also received a $1 catalina from Alexa which makes the potatoes a $1 Money Maker!!!!!!!


  • Gee February 12, 2013, 11:15

    I’ve never had the red ones, usually I buy alexia sweet potato tots or fries at sprouts or target when a good deal is around.

    Only got one so hopefully I will be able to get to vons today.

    • admin February 12, 2013, 16:26

      The red potatoes were yummy last night! 🙂

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