My trip to Vons…an experiment!

Vons Grocery Store doubles coupons, it says so in this week’s sales insert. LOL! However, when I have shopped at Vons in the past with coupons, I couldn’t make “head or tails” of the Vons receipt to figure out if I was indeed getting a bargain.

So, this morning, I went to Vons on a mission. I had one coupon $.50 for Land O’Lakes Spreadable Olive Oil Butter, it’s on sale for $2.49. My sole purpose in going to Vons was just to buy one item with one coupon to see the transaction on the receipt.

This is what appears on the receipt:

Lnd O Lks Butter $2.29
RegPrice $2.49 Card Save .20


TAX 00 BAL $1.29

Club Card Savings $.20
Coupon Savings $1.00
Total Savings Value 48% $1.20

The cashier told me that Vons only doubles coupons up to $1. A dollar or more Vons do not double coupons.

Now, I know…Vons do double coupons less than a dollar!!!


  • "Deal"icious Mom July 19, 2009, 18:55

    Plus don't forget – I am sure you already know this – to use e-coupons at Vons from,, to get even more savings. You are not suppose to use the a long with paper coupons but you can do it if you want to (their terms say not to though. Also the e-coupons do not double – they are face value but still anythings helps.

  • Maria E. Lopez July 19, 2009, 20:01

    when i went i read "up to $1.00" in my head that ment a coupon of up to $1.00 will be double to $2.00 … NOT! its like you say if you have a $.75 coupon they will "double" by adding $.25 that would make it up to $1.00… same for .50 double to .50 !!!! so i endeded up spending more that i thought i was going to 🙁 but it was my first time! so i guess i still did ok! 🙂

  • MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins July 20, 2009, 00:06

    Dealicious Mom, yes I do know about the eCoupons but b/c of the stipulations, I didn't sign up for the various eCoupons sites. It is a bummer that they do not double otherwise I would have signed up!

    Maria, I totally agree with your statement & right now, Vons is the best game in town.

  • "Deal"icious Mom July 20, 2009, 22:38

    What do you mean stipulations? B/C of the no doubling up on the paper and ecoupon together? is that why… If so I get it or is there soemthing else. I just like it in case my hubby makes a stop at the store and I don't have time to send him with coupons… he can be sneaky that way sometimes! This way the coupons are on the card and he does not even know 🙂

  • MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins July 20, 2009, 23:46

    The stipulation about not doubling eCoupons. I didn't want to receive a letter that said that I had broke some sort of rule. But if you are using both eCoupouns & paper coupons without any problems, I'll have to rethink it.