My Trip to Vons and CVS

I went to Vons to pick up some bread and the Talenti ice cream that’s on sale for $2.88. I got two ice creams and the $3.75/s Talenti digital coupon came off, as well as, as the two $1 frozen zip advantage and I ended up paying one penny for both ice creams.

I then stopped by two different CVS stores to get my FREE Kleenex Bath Tissue 1 ct that was on each account. I paid absolutely nothing for the toilet paper not even tax!

You have to go to store to the Kleenex bath tissue because they had no tags up at either store for the SKU but I saw them in store when I was getting the Babo Bath Tissue 8 ct for $0.99.


  • Trish October 4, 2020, 13:48

    Interesting the way they give people different coupons. I received a $1.25 off ONE Talenti or $2.50 off TWO. You’re lucky you got $3.75 off TWO! Also, even though I load both $1.00 frozen item coupons from the Las Vegas stores (one from Albies, one from Vons), only $1.00 is taken off. Once again, you’re lucky!! Thx for posting your receipt.

    • Ms. B. October 4, 2020, 16:31

      Interesting. Which store do you usually shop at Vons or Albertsons? Vons is my normal store I shop BUT when I shop at Albertsons that when I have trouble with the zip advantage, it’s a crap shoot if none, one or two come off on my receipt. I usually use the 89119 Vons Tropicana only for Vons, and recently, I use the 89119 Albertsons for Albertsons. We eat a lot of ice cream during the summer🤣 so maybe that’s why we got the $3.75/2?

      • Trish October 4, 2020, 19:36

        Hi – My normal store is Albies. I have noticed when I loaded the Von’s (Las Vegas) coupons, they do NOT transfer to Albies (Las Vegas). They aren’t there when I look at My List. So then on the Albies (Las Vegas) site, I loaded the same ones, again. I use the same zip code and two stores in Las Vegas that you do. None of the other coupons transfer over – eggs, milk, etc., only the $1.00 off produce, frozen, bakery, etc. And yes, eating lots of ice cream this hot summer. So I got the Breyer’s, on sale for $2.88, paid $1.88 after $1.00 off frozen and the Magnum had a digital coupon of $1.50, on sale for $2.88, paid $1.38! Not bad!!

        • Ms. B. October 5, 2020, 08:07

          The only coupons that work from the zip advantage are the $1 off frozen, produce, etc. The Personalize Deals/Prices and regular digital coupon do not work from zip advantage bc I think that they are only targeted for those in that specific zip. Like when I go home to Sacramento and then I fall under their sales ad, none of my Vons deals populates. On Wednesday, I’m going to test to see which coupons (LV or NorCal) are showing on My List bc I only see one set of coupons on My List but I’m not sure which area it’s from.