My trip to Vons today…

I did the Hefty One Zip bag deal at Vons today! I bought 4 boxes of 1 gallon 17ct Hefty One Zips using $1 Hefty One Zip Q and paid $1 for all for boxes!!!

Unfortunately, I don’t remember which coupon insert I got the Q’s from…I think it’s 5/17 or 5/3 but they expire today.

Bought 4 Hefty One Zip 1 Gallon 17ct $5 (you have to buy 4 to get them at $1.25 ea)
Used (4) -$1 Hefty One Zip Q

Total after coupons = $1

I almost missed this deal b/c I was just in Vons yesterday looking for the FREE Glade coupons and I saw that Hefty bags were on sale for 2/$4.

Then this morning before going to work OT, I stopped by the Vons on Adams Ave to see if they had the FREE Glade coupons (they did). But since I am not that familiar with that Vons, I was wandering the ailes and came across the Heftys and saw that there were two signs up. One for 2/$4 and another for 4/$1.25. The strange thing was that I only had (2) -$1 Hefty Q’s…but someone had left TWO $1 Hefty Q’s sitting there. I grabbed them up, I was the only one in that aile.

I love couponing!