My Trip to Walgreens

1I had almost forgotten about the freebie Starbuck Ice Coffee 11oz at Walgreens and it was almost 8am.  I drove over to Walgreens which in right around the corner from my home and to my surprise they had plenty of stock! Thankfully, due to the time change ever one had slept in and there was me and another person in the store. I did six separate transactions and paid just $1.50 for everything. I am going to do one post in order to same time.

Here are my gets at Walgreens:

Bought 5 Starbucks Ice Coffee 11oz $5.25 (incl CA CRV)
Bought 2 Coffee Mate Liquid Creamers $5

Total = $10.25

Used (5) -$1 Starbucks Ice Coffee Tearpads(from eBay)
Used -$2.50 BOGO Coffee Mate Creamer Printable
Used -$1 RR

Total after coupons used = $1.50

RRs Remaining: (4) $1 RRs

Notes: The cashier reduced the $1 tearpad down to 99 cents. I bought the creamer in my last transaction so I was able to use the BOGO and a RR that I had gotten on a prior Ice Coffee transaction!

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  • Gee March 20, 2013, 15:33

    I went there yesterday to pick up Rx and get my buy $10 get 2000 points offer, it was valid only for that day.

    I got a Brita pitcher, needed a new one so that was 9.99 with 1000 pts.

    Brita – 9.99
    Starbucks Ice .99
    Cookies .99

    Total $12 w/ tax used $3 brita pitcher email coupon, $7 green tea RR
    Final total $2 w/ tax, got 3000 points and .99 RR

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