My Trip to Walgreens

I will be in Sacramento for Thanksgiving and my youngest brother used to love when I’d send him the FREE Gillette razors that we used to get all the time at all three drugstores. I didn’t imagine that I’d be doing the Gillette Razor + Refills on the Cheap but I had the $10/2 Gillette digital coupon and the $5/2 Gillette digital coupon plus, I had the spend $15 get 3,000 points.

I decided to throw in the Crest toothpaste has it counts towards the $15/$50 P&G Savingstar rebate.

Everything went exactly as expected – I received all of my points, however, a new funky lady assistant manager (she looked like a man) put my receipt and what I thought was my $5 RR into my bag but I did hear something else print from the catalina machine and she promptly put that into the trash and told me to have a nice day.

I ran another errand and by the time I got home and I looked into the bag, she had put the spend $20 get 5,000 points into my bag.  Acccckkkkkkkkk.  There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

I went to Catalina website and submitted an online form requesting my $5 Register Rewards.  It took like 5 minutes.  They call the Register Rewards/catalina a coupon so don’t be thrown off by the verbiage.

I specifically wanted to tell this missing Register Rewards/catalina story for new readers or readers that don’t know that you can request to have a missing catalina or Register Rewards mailed to your home. They send you the missing catalina very quickly.

I’m still very happy with my trip to Walgreens! 🙂