My Trip to Walgreens…

I happen to see a post by Coupons, Deals and More this morning that the Nivea for Men Active 3 Body Wash was ringing up BOGO…and I hoped up put on my shoes and flew to Walgreens since it’s right around the corner from where I live in North Park!!!

Okay, before I flew out the door, I had $15 in Regisiter Rewards so I needed to devise a plan so that I could use up the $15 in RRs and still use the $3 Nivea for Men Qs that I had ordered from a clipping service.  Aha, I need toilet paper and some more lCoffee-Mate Liquid Creamer.

I also had no idea if at my Walgreens that the NFM Body Wash would ring up BOGO or not but I was willing to take a chance.

Here are my gets at Walgreens:

Bought 1 Charmin 2-ply 20ct Toilette Paper $10.99
Bought 2 Nivea for Men Active 3 Shower, Shampoo, Shave Body Wash $11.98
Bought 1 Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer $2.49
Bought 1 Union-Tribune Newspaper $1.75
Bought 1 Walgreens Water 24ct $2.99 + $1.20 CRV
Bought 2 Butterfingers Bars $.78

Total = $32.18

Used (2) -$3 Nivea for Men Body Wash (RP 5/2)
Used $5.99 BOGO FREE Nivea for Men BW (auto-deducted at end of receipt)
Used -$15 in RRs

Total after coupons and RRs used = $5.29

RRs Earned = $6

Cost = $14.19

Notes:  I had no plans of getting the water nor the Sunday paper but when I handed the cashier the $5 RR, the cashier was saying I was negative like $5.08 so I grabbed the water by the register and the newspapers.  I probably could have just grabbed the water b/c I think the cashier was including the taxes, too see my OOP was a big high IMO.

But hey, I saved $26.89 doing this transaction and that $10 RR would be expiring soon so it’s all good in the hood!