My intent on Sunday was to go to Walgreens to get a Scott paper towels and a Scott bath tissues for my stockpile but then I saw the video about the FREE Axe S & C, Body Wash and Body Spray and so I had to find a store that had the Axe products AND the Scott products because I didn’t want to be running from store to store.

I looked at the Shopkicks app and my nearest store did not have the Axe offer at all. Click the store address and it will show you a list of stores.

For whatever reason, my instincts told me to check the other surrounding Walgreens stores to see if they have the offer.  Shopkicks always have my nearest store at the 43rd Street Walgreens but actually the 3222 University is my nearest store, I have actually walk to that store. The store on 43rd Street is actually on University, too, but it’s a combination of apartments on top and stores on the bottom so I assume that their mailbox is on 43rd St but as you see, I have a lot of Walgreens stores within 5 miles of me and it’s not even showing the Walgreens stores downtown.

Anyways, at the bottom, click “See more stores”.

Then click another store to see if you find the Axe offer.

What I found is that two stores did not have the Axe Shopkicks offer but the rest of the stores did have the offer.

So, in the future, when I don’t see an Shopkicks offer at a particular store, I can search other store locations for the offer!