My trip to Walgreens last night…

Okay, I had a busy, busy day at work yesterday plus I worked 2 hours OT.  Of course, during my lunch hour, I ran over to Walgreens and did the One a Day deal and got a $5 RR.  But the One a Day at the Walgreens in Pt Loma sell for $.99 each, whereas, the North Park CVS they sell for $.50 each.

Then when I finally got home, I grabbed my son and off we went to Walgreens but they only had 1 One a Day left so I re-grouped and here are my gets at Walgreens last night:

Bought 2 Triaminics Night Time Cough & Cold $10
Bought 2 Reeses PB cups $1
Bought 1 Coke $1.59

Total = $12.59

Used -$2 WAGS Healthy Saving Coupon (auto-deduct $2 on each)
Used -$5 RR

Total after coupons and RR used = $2.05

RR Earned = $5 RR

Profit = $2.95

Kevin’s get at Walgreens:

Bought 1 Murine Ear Kit $6
Bought 2 Reeses PB cups $1
Bought 1 Coke $1.59

Total = $8.59

Used BOGO Reeses PB cups (SS 8/23)
Used $5 RR

Total after coupon and RR used = $1.55

RR Earned = $6

Profit = $4.45

NOTES:  I only received one RR on the Triaminic…I bought the exact same ones as the night before…I checked the UPC code at the bottom of the box.  I guess maybe Walgreens has fixed the glitch?