My Vons run today…

Okay, so I stopped by Vons this morning on my way to work. It was a few minutes after 6am (I was suppose to be at work at 6 am but only live 10 min from work) but the Early Edition of the Sunday San Diego Union-Tribune was no where in site! So, off to work I go to work OT.

I get off from work a little after 10 am and jet back over to Vons. Strange, there are no Vons in Pt Loma which is where I work. Anyways, I have (2) $3 Glade PlugIns and they have the FREE coupons in the single plugins but as I pull into the Vons on 30th Street, it’s packed like they are giving away the store!

I circle around and around looking for any parking spot and finally find one. I head straight to where the Glade shelf. Well, Vons is selling the single Glade PlugIns for 2/$7 , my brain cells start churning and look back at my coupons. The coupon doesn’t really stipulate if it needs to a kit, double refills or single refills. So, I just decide to go for it and if the cashier says I can’t use it, I can always void it.

I wanted to pick up a few other items and I needed to spend $20 to be able to use the $1.99 for Scotch Brite scrub sponge in-ad coupon. The Scotch Brite scrub sponge normally sells for $3.99-$5.99.

The Vons was so busy that when I gave the cashier my coupons, she didn’t bat an eye and just scanned them…and the coupons did not beep!

Out pops a $1 catalina (coupon) with a “thank you from Glade”. I’ve bought all kinds of Glade over the last 3 days…no catalina until today?

So, I got two single Glade PlugIns for $1 and then a $1 Glade catalina prints out…FREE!!!!

I bought two newspaper and it had only one Smart Source and one P & G. I’ll buy two more at 7-11 tomorrow.