Nature Made Wellness Rewards Program

naturemadeIf you have been picking up the Nature Made at Rite Aid, this month, wyb $30 get $10+Up, you should be entering the codes in the Nature Made Wellness Rewards Program.

What is the Nature Made Wellness Rewards Program?

The Nature Made Wellness Rewards Program is a loyalty program in which you enter codes from Nature Made products and when you accumulate enough points, you will become eligible to redeem for a $3 any Nature Made coupon (300 points) or a $7 any Nature Made coupon (500 points).

The point values are based upon a three tier point value system based on the MSRP of each product. Point values are given in 50, 100 and 150 increments. Products may also have bonus points associated to them for periods of time throughout the year, and the value will be adjusted to include the bonus points.

You can redeem your points for the $3 and $7 coupons once once per month and your coupon(s) will mailed to you via USPS.

Points will expire after a year of inactivity of not entering any product codes. Once a product code is entered, you will have exactly 12 months to enter a new product before losing any points from your previous activity. Yes, you can submit a code for an expired product.

If you have not signed up with the Nature Made Rewards Program, go ahead and register!




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