New P&G Coupon Verbiage

1Wow, P&G has added new verbiage to their coupons and they are basically saying that they will not retailers to honor the redemption of the coupon for more than the shelf price.

Oh, oh, this can have huge implications at CVS our favorite store that will give of overage on a BOGO coupon.  How will this impact Walmart which will redeem coupons for more than the item is worth on the shelf?



  • grace August 21, 2013, 12:57

    It might affect Walmart which gives overage but it probably will not affect CVS or Rite Aid just because usually, they do not sell their items at Shelf price, e.g. today I used the $3 P&G coupon to buy the travel size shaving cream. The Shelf price of the shaving cream I bought was $1.69 but I got it for $1.69 and .84 cents. RA’s shelf price is $1.69 each and so they will get back their money. Usually the max amount on the coupon is less than the shelf price of the item in the drug stores. I think it will only affect Walmart just because they give overage. I also doubt that Walmart will change their policy, because I think it does cost them less to give overage than it costs the other stores who double coupons!

  • LINRIS August 24, 2013, 13:58

    A cashier at CVS told me that the have gotten an email saying that they should not auto deduct on the BOGO q’s. That was 3 weeks ago. And at Walmart they have been manually inputting the amounts, same with some Targets. Funny story is that I have tried to use the $6/3 Gillette q’s and the cashier said that I could only use one of those q’s per day. My jaw dropped, I didn’t know whether to laugh or else. I told her, I like you and you are nice, but the q says “4” of the same in one transaction. But that we couldn’t stacked them with another q. She was like: “Could you please complain and explain the managers that”, lol… She said they have a new coupon policy binder, and she was willing to show me. Honestly I think it was her own interpretation and/or the managers. They need to trained these people better. At the end we should follow the wording on the q’s themselves.

    • Ms. B. August 24, 2013, 14:23

      Unfortunately, cashiers and managers assume that all couponers are trying to steal from the store instead of looking at coupons as just another form of payment.