NEW Rite Aid – Holiday Gift Items +Ups

There are varying reports that some are getting on their receipt something called the Holiday Gift Items +Ups when they buy a certain amount of products, you will get a bonus +Ups. The offer is dependent upon your Wellness Level (no discount, Silver or Gold). 

$5 wyb $45

$10+Up wyb $80

$15+Up wyb $140

This offer does appear to be regional since I did not get the offer when I went to Rite Aid.


  • Sonata November 25, 2012, 14:10

    Today I received a $10 +UP when I spent $110. I have Gold. My friend has Gold too, but hers read as $5 +UP when you spend $50. It seems very sporadic to me.

    • admin November 26, 2012, 04:40

      You are so lucky b/c I didn’t get it.

  • Jessica November 25, 2012, 14:28

    I didn’t get this in my area either. I hate when RA has regional deals like this, it should be available to all customers but Owell ):

    • admin November 26, 2012, 04:40

      I didn’t get it either.

  • Barb November 25, 2012, 17:08

    Mine is spend $75.00 and get a 10.00 up reward…I am a gold member and live in WA state

    • admin November 26, 2012, 04:38

      I didn’t get the offer so I don’t how it is working.

  • Gee November 25, 2012, 19:29

    Mine is spend $160 get 20 up

    • Kim November 25, 2012, 20:43

      Did you already have about $80 toward the UP? I got the same, get $20 up wyb $160 and already had $81 toward the reward. It looked like the reward is based on how much you spent toward it.

      • Gee November 25, 2012, 23:55

        Only 28-30 dollars so far which was today’s total before ups and coupons. I didn’t shop yesterday so maybe it started on the last day of the 3 day sale.

  • generator November 26, 2012, 06:12

    I have Gold discount and my receipt today said Buy $45 Get $5+Up. Does anyone know what the limit is? I’m assuming it’s 1

    • admin November 26, 2012, 20:03

      I am guess that I won’t get it until Dec. 1st.