Nick Found a Better Smart Ones Deal

A reader, Nick, found a better Smart Ones frozen meals at Vons and Safeways stores and below is what Nick has to say:

Another alternative is to buy 5 at your nearby Safeway (Vons for you, Ms. B.) with digital offers loaded (I had $2 off any 5 Smart Ones plus 2 $1 any frozen). I paid $4.45 for all 5!

If you have the three digital coupons pictured above and the 2 $1 any frozen, you will an absolutely awesome deal on the Smart Ones. You may still also have the $1 off $1. Also, the Smart Ones at Safeway is $2.25, whereas, at Vons, it’s $2.99.

Thanks, Nick!


  • Nick March 8, 2020, 10:40

    This is now a very uncertain economy! If we all network together we will be able to pursue the very best bargains and get the most for our dollar. This website is enormously helpful not only due to the tireless efforts of Ms. B. but through YOUR efforts as well. If you see a great deal be sure to share!

    • Ms. B. March 9, 2020, 12:04

      Anyone with any money in the stock market and they are retired or hoping to retire had better always keep their eyes on the stock market. We gotta look for those awesome deals like the Smart Ones because you never know when things will go bad.

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