No drugstore buying today…

I was super busy at work today so I didn’t do any drugstore buying today. However, I did get a chance to run into CVS to drop off my allergy prescription but I’ll pick up that tomorrow along with my $25 gift card.

I was just thinking that I have built up quite a stash – deodorant, tooth paste, body wash, pain reliever – really, it’s about a two month supply in my household. It’s stuff that is expensive and I would buy it at the grocery store WITHOUT a coupon and pay and arm and a leg for the items. Allot of times, I would buy the store brand so as to save money. But now that I have discovered couponing, I am saving big bucks. Since, I was never a brand loyal type of person, I now know to wait until an item I want is on sale and use a coupon so I save mo’ money. I no longer have to buy a brand I don’t like b/c it’s on sale….I have my stash and since brands seem to have cycle periods, I can build up a stash of a brand I like and then use my stash until the brand goes on sale and use my stash of coupons.

It’s all about saving money and building up the Benjamins!