No Rush…

Well, there was no need for me to rush to out Rite Aid, today.  There’s only the one $2.99 SCR for Listerine/Reach that you can make a profit on.  It’s gonna be a slow week at Rite Aid.  BUT it’s also a good thing b/c the last couple of weeks has been super busy doing deals!

I will be doing the senario I posted yesterday some time tomorrow…or maybe Sunday.

Other than that I’m not seeing allot going on at RA.


  • Maria Lopez July 24, 2010, 03:46

    I paid one cent today!!! OMG i was so excited! Went to Otay and i had a super awesome cashier 😀

    The $2 UPs for SpinBrush did not print which was a bit sad 🙁 but other than that all UPs printed. I got Nivea and used $1.50 from the Vons booklet then i did another transaction and used the $4 off two Nivea products a printable from a while back and got two Ups in one transaction. Even though it has been a hit and miss still was a great day shopping at Rite Aid. Must go to for more Nivea, Gum, Rolaids, etc tomorrow as its the last day for the Video Value coupons from June :))

  • Ms Benjamins July 24, 2010, 12:31

    YAY, Maria, you paid 1 cent!!!!!!!!!

    Doesn't it feel good to pay almost nothing? And don't you love when you find a Jedi store?