Oh, My Aching Head

This morning, I woke up with a headache and I took an Excedrine and I went to work, stopped by CVS and came home.

The Excedrine did nothing for my headache so I around 10 or 11 this morning, I took a Motrin 800MG (a prescription) b/c I was also getting nauseous, too.  I had ate some oatmeal before hand before taking all these meds! LOL

I took a nap and I woke back up and I still got a little bit of the headache but not as bad it was earlier today.  I actually stronger prescribed medication but if I would have taken that stuff, I would have been knocked out for hours…and no one wants to be broke down on a Saturday!

I haven’t had a headache like this in ages.



  • DMC May 6, 2012, 05:00

    It can be related to allergies. Even those who have minor allergies have been suffering this year, as pollen rates/allergens are extremely high. Try taking a Claritin D if you have any on hand. This past week I had to switch from my regular routine of one Zyrtec every morning to two Claritin D everfy 12 hrs.

    • admin May 6, 2012, 13:03

      Normally when I have an allergy headache, I get a horrible pain behind my eyes and I cannot even get out of bed. However, our weather has been so strange over the last two months that it could be that my body does not know how to act. This has been one of the coolest Winter and Spring that I seen since moving to San Diego. Just a couple of weeks ago it was 80 degrees on Saturday and Sunday it on got to 60 degrees. While the East Coast was enjoying warm weather, it was cold and rainy here. I have been taking Allegra since it was a prescription until last year when it went OTC. It’s what my doctor had prescribed for me but maybe it time to switch meds?